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Pool Cleaning Services

Our trained uniformed technicians will keep your pool sparkling clean. Call today to sign up!

Below are three of our most popular cleaning options that can be added to any of the chemical services (Required)

Weekly and Every Other Week Full Cleaning

Starting at $65 per month

Weekly pool cleaning is typically for unscreened swimming pools with and without spas that require extra attention due to leaves and other falling debris. Every other week full cleaning is typically for screened swimming pools with and without spas. This service is designed to save the cost of unneeded cleaning due to the cover and protection offered by screen enclosures. Full Service includes filter cleaning, tile brushing, wall brushing, basket cleanings, vacuuming, checking the chemistry and netting. These services are performed during every visit not as needed. Click the photo below to see a video explaining this service.

Pool Cleaning Services


Starting at $40 per month

This is a very popular cleaning service that provides pool brushing, cleaning of the baskets and cleaning the pool filter on a weekly or every other week basis.

This service paired with our Premium Chemical Service provides exceptional pool service at a great value and is our most popular combination. Clients who own or want to buy an Automatic Pool Cleaner typically choose this option.

Click the photo at right to learn more about our BBF service.

Once Per Month Backwash

Starting at $20 per month

This once per month service is for homeowners with DE filters. The technician will backwash your filter and add DE powder when backwashing is completed. DE powder is included with this service.

Specialty Cleanings


Clients sometimes have special requests. These range from fountain cleanings, multiple cleanings per week due to debris, to special one time cleanings. We work hard to tailor our service to your needs, creating a custom pool service that keeps you enjoying your pool year round. Service can be performed as frequently as three times a week in some areas, or we can simply do that one task you just can't stand; it's up to you. Call and ask to speak to a customer service representative to sign up today.