Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Chemical Services

Let Bay Area Pool Service take care of your pool chemical maintenance.
"We Do All The Work, You Have All The Fun!"

Premium Pool Chemical Service:

Starting at $49 per month

Premium Pool Chemical Service includes the FREE use of our salt chlorine generator while you are on service. This is our most popular chemical service; clients love the great feel of salt water swimming pools and not having to deal with the chemicals or the salt chlorine generator at all.

Premium Pool Chemical Service includes the use of our Salt Chlorine Generator and all necessary chemicals to keep your pool in swim safe condition year round.

Standard Pool Chemical Service:

Starting at $49 per month

Standard Pool Chemical Service is for customers that already own their own chlorine generator but do not want the hassle of maintaining their own pool chemicals.

Standard Pool Chemical service includes all necessary pool chemicals to keep your pool swim safe year round. It does include the cleaning but not replacement of your salt cell.

Conventional Pool Chemical Service:

Starting at $49 per month

Conventional Pool Chemical Service is for pools that are not candidates for Salt Water chlorination, are currently "for sale" or some other transitory state. These pools are serviced using conventional pool chemicals including bleach and acid.

Conventional Pool Chemical Service includes all the necessary swimming pool chemicals to keep your pool blue and clear year round.

Why Clients Choose Premium Pool Chemical Service

The Premium Pool Chemical Service involves our service technicians installing our salt chlorine generator unit on your pool. This upgraded service will enhance your swimming experience providing a soft water feel and the elimination of large doses of chlorine to your pool (shocking). This leads to better feeling skin, less eye irritation and an overall better swimming experience. Clients are required to sign an agreement acknolwledging that the Salt Chlorine Unit is ours to go on this service.

Currently, salt chlorine generation systems sell for $1200 - $1500 and typically come with a one year guarantee. Because this unit is part of our service you never need to worry about the unit for as long as you are a Bay Area Pool Service client. We keep this system operational as part of the service, because it's our unit. If for any reason you decide to cancel service, we will remove the system and re-plumb at no cost to you.

Additional Fees:

Start Up Fees

Some pools may require a start up fee to balance out the chemicals and get the pool in shape. This fee is usually $75.00 or less for a blue clear pool, but can be more if the pool has issues. Fees over $75.00 are quoted to you for approval before work is done.

Annual Restabilization Fee

All pools on chemical service are charged an annual restabilization fee to cover the annual cost of Isocyanuric Acid, and Calcium added to your pool. These chemicals act as a Stabilizer for the chlorine in the pool and add necessary hardness to Florida's rain water, respectively. This is a $15.00 charge added to your March bill.