Pool Remodeling Bay Area Pool Service

Pool Remodeling Steps

Want to add a spa?

Pool Remodeling Bay Area Pool Service

Here's how pool renovations are done.

Step One: Envision the Project

What do you want? It's a fair question. What do you like? Also a good one. The best way to answer these questions is to look at pictures of previous projects, that resort pool from last summer, internet searches of beautiful pools etc. Determine what you want to bring into your back yard. Want a firepit conversation area around a newly remodeled pool and spa- no problem. Get the ideas flowing on our Before and After page!

Step Two: Prioritize your Visions

So you really like the water features you saw in Vegas... but your budget is south of $20,000,000.00 what to do? Scale and prioritization are the keys. We want to make the pool a fun place for you now and in the future.

How are you going to use the pool? Realistically most people use the pool as a water side relaxation location, sitting beside a pretty pool with soothing water sounds can improve your day -everyday! So think of adding things to the pool that you most want, and you most need. Most clients call us in at this point of the process to help.

Pool Remodel BudgetStep Three: Create a Budget

We will help you here. It's very important to not leave out money for the necessary things like Hydraulics and Equipment, to make that new foutain work the way you envision it. Oh and while we are here lets solve all those exisiting deck draininage problems.

Step Four: Design and Approve

  • Our Computer Design Program makes this a fun and easy process.
  • See what options will look like on your new design with the touch of a button.
  • Hear the water sound, see the pool finish under water all on the computer!
  • Finalize the project right in your living room

Step Five: Construction

Our Construction Team will create the plan you envisioned. We use a mixture of in house staff and the best specialty tradesmen in the industry to complete your project, all under the watchful eye of our construction superintendant.

Step Six: Enjoy the Results

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