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The VGB Spa and Pool Safety Act

The VGB Pool Drain Cover Law - Your Responsibility as a Pool Owner

VGB stands for the late Virginia Graeme Baker a young girl who died in a suction entrapment accident in a public spa that had no safety cover over the drain. This Act became Federal Law in late 2007 and required all Public Pools and Spas to go through a series of checklists and repairs if necessary to their suction and drain systems.

This law affects residential pools because all new drain covers for commercial and residential pools must now meet the VGB requirements. There are also several new building standards, yes Florida's, that have incorporated the rules of VGB into the residential standards. As Homeowners, you must know the following:

  • VGB compliant covers are only certified for 7 Years from date of install- keep your receipts!
  • No covers are allowed to have atypical or missing screws
  • All drain covers must be replaced when renovating a pool with compliant covers
  • This may mean your entire main drain system needs to be replaced if it is of non-compliant design
  • Side Suction anywhere in the pool should be eliminated, this includes side vacuum ports (safety covers as a minimum- though we recommend deleting side suction)

If you have questions about this law and how it affects you please do not hesitate to call. Since 2008 when the law went into effect we have only installed compliant covers. Bay Area Pool Service is committed to your safety and we will work with clients to get your pool up to safety specs should you have a financial hardship preventing you from purchasing a new drain cover, call our Customer Service Team to discuss this or any other safety matter with your pool.