Bay Area Pool Service

Our Spring Special

Get your pool ready for swim season now!

Your pool equipment pad needs attention before the swim season. DE Filters and Cartridge Elements need specific care. Our Spring Pool Special takes care of your filter and gives the rest of your equipment pad a thorough check. We get you ready for the Swim Season.

We provide necessary preventative maintenance to DE filters.

If you have a DE Filter you have the best pool filtration media, keep it clean to get the best performance and filter life for you.

Most DE Filters need to be internally cleaned once per year to meet Manufacturers' Warranty. Our Spring Pool Special offers you the lowest price of the year on doing this required preventative maintenance just in time for the swim season.

Blue is Better!

Cartridge elements need to be replaced every 12-18 months.

We Sell only the Best Cartridge in the industry, The Pleatco Anti Microbial Blue Cartridge Element. Call Today to find out why Blue is Better!

Take advantage of our bulk buying this Spring to get the best prices of the year on your replacement Element and new O-ring to have your pool sparkling this Swim Season.

Other Services in the Spring Special

Our Spring Special also includes a pool safety inspection, and an equipment pad check. Worn or damaged parts are replaced for additional costs at the time of inspection. Items that need further attention are documented for you. Heaters can be tested if the client so desires for additional fees.