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New Florida Pool Energy Code

The Pool Energy Code becomes Law March 15, 2012

The simple explanation for this code is: All residential pool pump motors on the circulatory system (attached to your filter) that are greater than 3/4 HP will need to be changed to variable or 2-speed motors when they need to be replaced.

There are exceptions for motors still under manufacturers warranty, but all other motors on the circulatory system of the pool need to be upgraded when replaced.

This is not a bad law- It will save you money

These new variable speed motors are a huge technological improvement over old copper winding motors. They will save you money and we guarantee it. If you replace your 1 HP or greater motor with a new variable speed motor Bay Area Pool Service Guarantees you will save at least $1000 in energy over a three year period, and we back it up by warranting the motor for the third year ourselves- you can't lose! Learn More.

Please call our Customer service team at 813-889-9091 to find out more about this offer. To learn more about this new law please go to our Blog.