Be an Invisible Hero with Bay Area Pool Service

You Can Be An Invisible Hero

pool troopersWe can all make a difference each day and "pay it forward". We at Bay Area Pool Service, Home of the Pool Troopers, are continually inspired by our neighbors that serve in the military, police department and fire department. We want to thank them as much as often as we can. After our National Brand kick-off meeting, we had the Cold Stone Creamery truck here for our celebration. After the meeting, we sent the truck to our local fire department station to treat the guys/girls and thank them for helping our community. When I told the Cold Stone staff what we wanted them to do, they all were so excited that we were going to treat the firefighters to ice cream. Although it took a couple of trips to find someone at the firehouse, they finally were able to treat very happy firefighters to ice cream with a huge thank you from an anonymous business in the neighborhood!

We would like to inspire you to give back the community. We simply ask that you thank someone you deem a local hero by doing something nice for those who have served our community. We would appreciate hearing any of your touching stories so please come back to the website and share.

Some ideas include:
  • Anonymous pizza delivery to a firehouse
  • Drop quarters on a playground for children to find. (And stay around to hear the squeals of joy!)
  • Go through the Drive-thru and pay for the person behind you.
  • Purchase a Gift Card at the grocery store, then turn around and give it to the person behind you.
  • Place notes of wishing people a good day on their car in the parking lot.
  • Help people load their groceries into their car.
  • Leave coins in an envelope on the vending machines at the hospital.

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Invisible Hero Stories:

Had a great experience being an invisible hero yesterday at Wrights Gourmet Deli! My wife and I were in line at a sandwich shop paying for our lunch. I noticed that there was a military guy in fatigues a couple of people behind me. I told the cashier to keep my card and pay for that guys lunch and don't tell him who paid his lunch but just say thanks. When he tried to pay for his lunch the cashier told him that someone wanted to thank him for his service. His first impression was "no, really?" and then it turned into "Wow, I am honored"! It was an awesome thing to watch. The invisible hero strikes again!!!
-- Robert S.

I just returned from lunch at Tijuana Flats and had a great Invisible Hero moment. While waiting in line, I saw two very decorated Army ladies ordering their food. I held up my credit card and made a shhh sound. She understood and told them their meal was covered my an anonymous customer. They were thrilled but the best part was that I could see that the cashier had a tear in her eye as she told them. That was so awesome to watch! Thanks for the Invisible Hero idea Bay Area!
-- Daniel M.

Saturday night, my wife and I walked into my local fire house with three pizzas from Domino’s. The firefighters were surprised and wanted to know who was buying them. I told them it was just to recognize them for their service. Needless to say, they were pleasantly surprised.
-- Alex H.

I was given a $50 gift certificate from Dunkin Donuts. I went early this morning and told the cashier that I wanted to apply it to each customer that came after me. I stayed back just watched. After every $6, $8, etc. purchase, the cashier would smile and tell them a I left a gift card to cover their purchase. It was really cool to see their reaction and be able to wish them a Merry Christmas.
-- Jorge P.

This morning I ordered pizzas and cookies from Papa John’s to be delivered to my neighborhood Hillsborough County Fire Rescue stations, #13 and #42. These men and women put their lives on the line everyday helping others and it makes me happy that I can do something in return to pay them back, even if it was just a lunch. Thank you for the inspiration!
-- Margaret M.

While visiting a McDonald’s with my two children, we saw a homeless man looking for food thru the trash cans. My children felt compelled to help but didn’t know how. They each had money so we purchased a $10 gift card and gave it to him. He immediately lit up and walked inside to order something to eat. Their comment was, “dad, we felt really good by doing that”.
-- Roberto C.

While visiting a Toys R Us in NYC during the Christmas holiday, I gave $25 to the woman in front of me to help cover the presents she was paying for. She was amazed. She couldn’t hug me or thank me enough. It was a wonderful feeling.
-- Jimmy F.

Had a great day yesterday! Decided to treat a veteran of 27 years in the Air Force Special Forces. My Father! I have never thanked him for his service because he was just my Dad to me. I decided to spend the day with him and treat him to lunch and a round of golf at the MacDill Air Force base to show him my appreciation for his service and everything he has done for me and my family while still protecting our country.
-- Wil H.

While at the mall with my wife, we went to the Food Court. I saw a young Marine sitting by himself eating Taco Bell. I approached him and asked him how much he paid for his meal. After he told me, I gave him the money he paid and told him I wanted to pay for his lunch. He was surprised and did not want to accept it so I explained to him that I wanted to thank him for his service and insisted he let me do that for him. He was very grateful. It was a great feeling.
-- Mike D.

During my Christmas break, I went to Lowe’s to purchase my Christmas tree. There were two other people doing the same so I told them that in the spirit of Christmas I was going to buy them their Christmas trees. What a great feeling to see their surprise!
-- Luke Q.

Yesterday while having breakfast with my sister, we noticed a young man in a cadet uniform having breakfast with his family. My sister asked me to tell her more about our Invisible Hero program. After telling her about it, my sister purchased a $15 gift card and took it to his table and told him we wanted to pay for his breakfast and thank him for his service. Thanks for introducing this program Bay Area!
-- Lauretta J.

I would like to share my "Invisible Hero" story. There is a WAWA convenience store that is very close to an Army Reserve station in Pinellas County. The reservists report for duty on Sundays and every Sunday morning there many reservists that stop at this store before reporting for duty. I love going to this store on Sundays because all of these service men and women are always so extremely nice and polite. Many times they will go out of their way to say “Hi” to my son. Last Sunday while checking out I handed the cashier $25 and said to please apply it to the bill of the next service person that comes through. The cashier said “that is very nice of you” and started to tear up as I was talking to her. My family sat at an outside table to eat breakfast and several service people walked in as we were eating. As the group of them left they were all smiling from ear to ear. It is great how something as little as a few dollars can make these people’s day as they are reporting for duty. Awesome.
-- Todd K.