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Will Rain Make My Pool Overflow?

Answers to the questions of "Will rain make my pool overflow"? and "How do I drain water out of my Florida pool"? read more

How long does Pool Equip last?

A discussion to answer the frequent question of the useful life of your pool equipment - part one. read more

Pool Run Time

Florida is into the hottest two months of the year this should be the time of year your pool is running the longest. read more

Don?t Drain Your Pool

Answers to the questions: What do I do if my pool is full to the rim? Do I need to drain my pool? read more

Cleaning a Green Swimming Pool: DIY

It?s almost swim season and your pool is swamp green. What do you do? read more

Understanding Energy Law Loophole

There is a loophole in the New Florida Energy Law that you need to be aware of if you own a pool. read more

Fixing Cloudy Pool Water

We get many calls at Bay Area Pool Service from do it yourself pool owners about cloudy pool water. Clean, clear pool water should allow you to easily see a quarter at the bottom of the deep end of the pool. read more

How long does Pool Equip last? Part 2

Part 2 of a blog series on how long you can expect pool equipment to last in Florida. read more

How long does Pool Equip last? Part 3

The third part of a series. A blog about the life span of the other equipment your pool may have - plumbing, valves, timers, heaters and automation. read more

Is Your Pool Ready For Pollen Season?

It is only the beginning of April, yet already Florida is hitting high levels on the tree pollen forecast. Oak is the main culprit, leaving a green covering on everything outside, along with the male catkins that look like green worms. read more

"Pooling Nature" Article

Comments on a recent news article discussing low chemical swimming read more

Rain Spurs Black Algae

Heavy rains carry Black Algae spores from trees and decks into pools. read more

Why Do My Eyes Turn Red in the Pool?

Eyes turn Red due to chemical and friction irritation even in perfectly balanced pool water. read more

Pool Motor Cost Savings

Very few products I can think of in my business experience have made clients money. read more

Getting your pool ready to swim

For clients of Bay Area Pool Service and Pool Troopers there is still one month to take advantage of our Spring Special Filter maintenance and equipment check. read more

Swimming with Dogs

Links and discussion about some good articles on dogs and water safety, in case your pooch is a pool dog! read more

Why We Do What We Do- Fresh Fills

An in depth discussion of Fresh Fill Chemistry designed to protect your new pool finish. read more

Florida Pool Energy Law Affects You!

The New Florida Pool Energy Code becomes law March 15, 2012 and affects every residential pool in the state! read more

Pool Service versus Pool Stores

On average clients spend between $50 and $60 dollars a month at pool retial stores to maintian their pools, we offer a clearly superior value. read more

Choose a Licensed Pool Contractor

The real risk that homeowners in Florida use unlicensed workers on their pool is all too common. read more

Swimming Pools and Chemical Safety

The same chemicals which keep your swimming pool safe and clean can be a very real health hazard if they're not stored and handled with care. Every chemical your pool needs has its own set of care requirements. read more

Understanding Routine Water Testing

Maintaining the perfect chemical balance in your pool is a crucial aspect of swimming pool ownership, but understanding the intricacies of testing can be a challenge. read more