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Should I Switch to an Energy-Efficient Pool Motor and Pump?

Pool Motor and Pump Costs Savings

WOW! Initial Savings Better Than Expected on Energy Efficient Pool Motors

Bay Area Pool Service is the Pool Motor Expert, and we have already put in hundreds of the IM replacement motors and IntelliFlo Pumps. The new Florida Pool Energy Law went into effect March 15, 2012 but we have many of these units out for 12 months or more, so I thought I would share with you some of the savings our clients are experiencing.

Personal Testimony

1) Mr. G, Tampa - Mr. G has had the unit for almost one year and he states that he is saving around $60.00 per month. He bought the new IM motor when his old motor went bad, and paid the pre law special price of $699.00. He would have had to buy a new motor anyway and on his pool that would have cost him close to $280.00. So his investment in the new IM energy efficient motor was $419.00. That is a payback period of just under 7 months at $60/month. That’s a guaranteed $1,740.00 of net costs savings to Mr. G while his unit is fully protected by warranty. WOW!

2) Mrs. K, Clearwater – Mrs. K needed to replace a large motor that ran her pool and spa, so we recommended the IntelliFlo Pump & Motor. This was an investment of over $1100 versus the cost of a replacement motor, so it was a big decision pre law. Mrs. K took our advice and states she has been saving over $80.00 per month since the change! That’s a payback on the investment in less than 14 months, and again the unit is covered under warranty the whole time. It is virtually risk free. Better for the wallet, better for the environment, better for the community- Wow, win-win-win!

Very few products I can think of in my business experience have made clients money. These new variable speed rare earth magnetic drive pool motors and pumps are a true breakthrough you need to consider, and it’s the law in certain situations. This is a real cost savings through lower energy use with positive effects on the environment and the community, but mostly on your wallet.

Please call our Customer Service Team to see how much you can save!

Posted by: Gary Crayton III

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