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With new technology, such as smartphones, changing constantly, it was only a matter of time that the newest technology would find your backyard pool. Bay Area Pool Service has some information on what the newest innovations are for maintaining and cleaning your pool's environment. 

Pool Flow - Variable Speed Motors 
Having the best quality water is important for the use of your pool, especially during the hot days of late summer and fall. In the past keeping the pool pump running 24/7 however, was costly and wasted energy. Now, with a variable speed motor, a recent addition to swimming pool motor technology, you can increase the pools runtime and still reduce your energy bill! 

The speed of the pump can be changed as needed. Now, powering spa jets and other features are much easier with the variable speed pump. Moreover, it can be linked and controlled by an automation system. Some new variable speed motors come with the Energy Star rating, so your pump is more efficient, and results in additional savings. 

The Lights Have It - UV Systems and Ozone
During the last 50 years, pool maintenance technology has remained the same, for the most part. Recently, the technology of Ozone and UV Sanitation has made it to the backyard pool.  UV light is used to bombard the water that travels through the pump system, killing algae, bacteria, viruses, parasites and other unwanted materials that lead to contaminated pools which are unsafe for swimming. Ozone does the same thing with a corona discharge or other technology to create O
3, which destroys harmful organic organisms and material in your pool.  These systems make maintenance easier and reduce the need for chemicals. This allows you to keep lower sanitizer levels in your pool through technology! 

Advances in technology have made pool cleaning easier. You may still be using the telescopic net to remove top debris and leaves, but new technology has made advances that save time. 

Robotic cleaning systems are a popular newer technology that are becoming more widespread. Under the water, an automated sweeper travels and cleans the pool floors and walls. Some units even come partially out of the water to clean the tile. These systems are differently priced and have a range of benefits and features. 

Whether adding it to an older pool or having it as a feature in a new pool, the availability of automation makes controlling your backyard pool a cinch. One touch controls pump, spa, light, and other features to turn them on and off at designated times. This can be accomplished through your smartphone or your computer as well as by remote control or on the unit.

Safety Technology 
These features can be added to an older pool or built into new pools. There are safety vacuum release systems that sense blockage in drains and release the pump's suction. New VGB drain covers are designed to prevent hair or body parts from being stuck in drains. It is vitally important that you upgrade to these technologies, especially if you have any missing or broken drain covers in your pool. 

Not quite technology, built in lounge chairs in the pool make a relaxing backyard oasis. LED underwater lights create a feature that makes the pool the highlight of an evening outdoor gathering. 

With these features, saving costs on 
pool maintenance and efficiency are in a future that the owner of a backyard pool can enjoy. Bay Area Pool Service can help you save time in keeping your pool healthy. As you begin to explore the newest technology available, you can contact us with your questions as well as schedule our service to keep your pool sparkling clean and ready for the use of family and friends.

Posted by: Gary Crayton III

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