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Bay Area Pool Services, the Company that’s endeared itself to pool loving families in the Greater Tampa Area since 1952, goes National with the official launch of the “Pool Troopers” brand in Florida, Texas, Arizona & Nevada.


We began as Chittenden Pool Supply in 1952, a commercial pool cleaning company that provided service to 64 accounts at the time it was sold. in 1971 the Crayton family purchased the company and changed the name to Bay Area Pool Services.

From day one, Bay Area Pool Services has been about family and raising the level of professionalism within the industry. So much so, that over the ensuing years we made the decision to move away from commercial accounts, and focus solely on serving residential pool owners. With a redefined commitment towards backyard pools, we set out to become the new standard for pool service.

Bay Area Pool Service - Our History


Under the leadership of Gary Crayton & Dave Hahmann, Bay Area Pool Services has grown into Florida’s largest and most recognizable residential pool service company. Their team serves more than 8,000 backyards each month, and makes upwards of 400,000 poolside visits a year.

Yet if you ask either partner the secret to their unprecedented growth they both say the same thing, “as a company we exist to give people freedom”. That clarity has inspired a culture that lives by the creed ‘We’ve got your back’. It's a promise that's anchored deep within the fabric of family at Bay Area Pool Services, and it gets shared on a daily basis with teammates, pool owners, and their families.


When we started drawing up plans for eventual expansion into Texas, Arizona, Nevada and other parts of Florida, it became clear that our current name held no geographical relevance outside the Greater Tampa Bay Area. 'Pool Troopers - America's Backyard Heroes' was born from a desire to stay true to our values, culture and aspirations as a company - while enabling people who experience us for the first time, to appreciate and share our story.

Dave and Gary - Bay Area Pool Service

Dave Hahmann & Gary Crayton