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Want Smarter Kids?

Have you been considering a pool installation but aren't sure if it's the right choice for your family? You may find this decision much easier to make when you learn the results of a recent study conducted in Australia.

Over three years of data collection and evaluation, researchers found a marked increase in coordination and test scores among children who participated in swimming lessons from a young age. These children also reached important developmental milestones earlier than their peers who weren't learning to swim. The data from Australia's Griffith University shows parents one of the most fun and exciting ways of increasing their kids' confidence, test scores and overall intelligence.

University Research Results
It's not a stretch to believe that children who participate in swimming lessons from early childhood are ahead in locomotion, grasping and other physical feats. What many parents may find interesting to note is the results which shows marked advancements in language, oral expression, math and understanding directions.

Children around the age of three years were up to fifteen months ahead of their peers without swimming lessons in comprehending directions. Over the age of four, the study group was ten months ahead in language, more than six months ahead in math and eleven months ahead of the curve in oral expression. The environment in which swimming lessons are held provide a great opportunity for youngsters to ready themselves for preschool or kindergarten, but those lessons need to be reinforced in order for kids to reap the full physical benefits.

You know how many good times your family could enjoy after a pool installation, but learning how much of an impact learning to swim has on little minds and bodies makes a pool significantly more attractive. If you're looking for a place to not only entertain and enjoy the great outdoors but also to give your kids a developmental boost, a pool installation may be just the solution for which you've been searching.

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