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Usher’s Son & Pool Drain Covers


It is a shame that a young child had to come close to drowning for people to wake up to a totally preventable issue of proper drain covers in pools.  In 2006 the Federal Government required commercial pools to follow the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, named after the granddaughter of politician James Baker who was drowned on a drain that had no cover.  By reference and rule this law has been added to residential pool rules, and today all drain covers normally available meet the VGB code for anti entrapment protection. 


Since 2006 we have been putting nothing but VGB approved covers on your pools.  Many of you have gotten phone calls from us letting you know that there is an issue with your drain covers and they need to be replaced.  Please understand that we make safety of your pool a priority and if you get two calls about an issue it is only because I make it a big deal here - blame me for the extra customer service call or note from a route person.  We consider safety an urgent issue.


For those of you whom the cost of a new cover is a burden please know that we will gladly replace the cover and work out a payment plan.  Your safety and that of your family is the priority. 


There is also a new device out called the “ProTek-Tor” that acts as a second layer of drain protection, it’s an internal fitting that goes in the pot of your drain below the cover and prevents entrapment in the pipe should anything happen to the drain cover.  This device is something that is very new to the market and will be something we are adding to pools when we are down there anyway putting on your new pool drain covers. 


If you have any questions about the safety of your pool’s drains or other suction inlets, please do not hesitate to call- Bay Area Pool Service is happy to talk to you and check your pool. 

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