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Safe Pool Chemical Handling

The same chemicals which keep your swimming pool safe and clean can be a very real health hazard if they're not stored and handled with care. Every chemical your pool needs has its own set of care requirements, which can make it complicated to meet all the specifications. There are, however, some general tips for the storage of swimming pool chemicals and additives.

  • Keep chemicals away from heat and flames
  • Don't expose chemicals to moisture or water before they're used
  • Dispose of empty containers; triple rinse the container before disposing and never re-use them
  • Store powdered chemicals above liquids on shelves
  • Don't mix fresh chemicals with old, even if they're the same brand

In case of contact with skin or eyes, flush the area with water for several minutes and contact a poison control center or medical professional. It's also wise to check the packaging for additional first aid instructions. Should a child or pet ingest pool chemicals, immediately contact poison control and never induce vomiting unless expressly instructed to do so.

In the event of a fire near pool chemicals, don't use a dry chemical fire extinguisher. This can lead to an adverse reaction between the chemicals. It's best to use water to extinguish flames while awaiting the fire department.

Eliminating Storage Concerns
For many homeowners, the idea of storing large amounts of potentially dangerous chemicals is understandably off-putting. If you're not comfortable with handling or storing your pool chemicals, working with a professional pool service can eliminate these storage concerns. Your pool service professionals will bring the necessary chemicals with them, and take them away at the end of your maintenance section. You'll be able to enjoy your pool with peace of mind, rather than worrying about the safety of the necessary chemicals.

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