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Preparing with Proper Pool Care

An old and popular adage holds that “What can go wrong, will.” At Bay Area Pool Service, the worldly views aren’t quite so fatalistic, but it does lead to a more practical rendering of that old phrase: because we live in a world where things can go wrong, we should always be prepared for if they do.

For that reason, Bay Area Pool Service offers, in addition to its cleaning services, the quick, practical aid of some of the industry’s best pool mechanics. In fact, its senior mechanics have over 25 years of experience, accordingly paired with the highest pool contractor’s license and well stocked trucks to match, ready to roll to any location in desperate straits.

Technology is, after all, bound by the same misfortune as all things on this world: time will always out. In other words, wear and tear comes naturally, and when one factors in chemicals, electronics, and an unpredictable outdoor environment, sometimes that wear and tear can lead to unpredictable moments at the most inconvenient times.

Nor is everyone trained to handle all the various troubles big and small that might arise (not to mention the variety of state codes involved in the process). That is why there are people trained specifically to handle those problems, and Bay Area Pool Service hires only the best to handle everything from timers to lights, heaters, filters, pumps, valves, plumbing and motors. They provide on-site inspections and are, in fact, so confident in their capability on the motor front, that they guarantee a savings of $1000 over a three year period (and a warranty to match) for anyone switching to one of their new energy efficient variable speed motors over traditional 1-hp or larger induction motors.

In essence, they are trained to handle every aspect of pools, and are hired for speed as well as quality. While rates stand at $85/hour with a one hour minimum service call, any time in addition is billed only in quarter hour increments. They use energy efficient equipment, and offer a variety of such equipment to install in pools—saving money in addition to preserving the lifestyle to which clients have become accustomed. Most repairs are done in a single trip, and on the off chance things are beyond the means of mortal repair, Bay Area Pool Service offers free quotes for new equipment to all service clients.

Furthermore, because Bay Area Pool Service believes in the power of blue, they want to be sure their customers get the proper attention to their pools before the spring season sets in. It may be frost-filled days for now, but soon enough, the groundhog’s shadow will pull back into a warming sun. Bay Area Pool Service is, therefore, offering a Spring Special that covers filter changing (which needs to be done every 12-18 months) and an on-site assessment of pool equipment to get things ready for the warm days ahead. It’s the best deal for the most coverage.

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