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2013 Pool Show News

Bay Area Pool Service personnel returned late last week from the International Pool and Spa show in Las Vegas Nevada.  We had productive meetings with many of our vendors to secure the best products and prices for our clients in 2014. 

At the show we are always on the lookout for new products that will perform better than current products, save energy and provide a solid value to our clients.  We are on the cutting edge to make sure your pool is as worry free as possible.   Look for some of the exciting new products we saw at the show to be in our market place in early 2014. 

One of the products we will be testing out this winter is a solar powered leaf collector.  This independent unit skims the water surface of leaves and runs on its own solar powered motors.  We see potential for folks with heavy leaf environments at certain times of the year.  If you have one of those pools don’t be surprised if we test one out on your pool this leaf season!

As I have told you in past years’ reports from the Pool Show, robotic cleaners are making big strides.  The value represented by these units may have hit the proper point, and Bay Area will be testing some of these units as well this winter to make sure we bring you the best unit for your locale. 

Finally, we saw a very cool tool you will be seeing in the hands of our mechanics soon, a totally self-contained waterproof drill.  These drills come from a military background, work underwater and will make the job of screwing in light fixtures and drain covers a lot easier.  The drills are very expensive but I see a clear value to our clients in making our mechanics more efficient at your pool.  

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