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In Chemical Balance, a Safe Swim

In the tranquil surface of a pool, there rests a reflection. It has the potential to reveal any number of things: a person at peace with themselves, with the world around them, with the summer visions their water no doubt stirs; or a person hard at work to maintain those visions, sifting through the waves for all those little minute details that could be the difference between serenity and turmoil.

The fact is: where there is peace, there is also the labor to preserve that peace. Bay Area Pool Service believes firmly in doing the work so that its customers don't have to. That takes a number of different shapes and forms within their services, but most prominently, that applies to the chemicals that keep one's water pure instead of drifting with the murk.

To that end, they offer a variety of services handled by trained employees to guarantee the relaxation only a life on the waves can provide. The only choice one is left with then is what all they desire: standard, premium, or conventional pool chemical services.

Some pools start out in a stronger position than others. They come with some of the hassle taken out of one's hands already: notably, in the form of a chlorine generator. Yet even then, there is the matter of keeping the proper chemicals balanced within the depths of one's pool, to guarantee a benign experience.

Enter Bay Area Pool Service's standard pool cleaning service. Their professionals provide all the necessary pool chemicals (monthly) to keep pools safe and operational no matter the time of year, for just $39 a month.

Not everyone is so fortunate, though. Some pools simply are not candidates for Salt Water chlorination. For these, the only recourse is a conventional mix of chemicals such as bleach and acid to purify the water. Especially in these cases, a proper, well-maintained balance is key, and Bay Area's technicians will perform these conventional pool services for $49 a month. This is also helpful for those pool-toting homes that are in the midst of a sale process or other transitory states, as it removes another hassle of home maintenance while keeping things attractive for would-be buyers.

Then there is what one might consider the "luxury" package--the premium pool chemical service that has made Bay Area Pool Service so popular. It includes the free use of a salt chlorine generator (which can go anywhere from $1200-$1500 on the market) to establish low chemical swimming (eliminating large doses of unnecessary chlorine) with a soft water feel on the skin. The service also pairs with in-house cleaning services for unbeatable discounts.

Essentially? It allows for smoother skin, less eye irritation, and a safe, comfortable environment for family members of all ages.

In all cases, safety is paramount, time is saved, and, in truth, so is money. Bay Area Pool Service is dedicated to its customers, and through services like these, it's an image it works hard to sustain.

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