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The Gift Of Time - Professional Pool Service

Having a pool is a fantastic luxury but maintenance of the pool can be a drain on your leisure time. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to take a dip in the pool on a warm day, then realizing that it needs cleaning or the chemicals balanced first. This year, give yourself the gift of time by hiring us to do the dirty work, so you can just relax and unwind in your pool whenever you feel like it. Some of the pool maintenance services we offer include:

  • Full service cleaning. We offer once a weekly cleaning for those with pools without screens or bi-weekly cleanings for those who have screened pools. Our full service cleaning includes cleaning your filters and baskets, plus brushing your tiles and walls. We will also vacuum, check the chemistry and inspect the netting as needed.
  • Basic pool cleaning. For those who just want the basics, we offer a limited cleaning service on either a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. This includes cleaning the filters and baskets with a pool brushing. For those who prefer to maintain their pool chemistry themselves or are on a limited budget, this can still save you time off the major cleaning aspects.
  • Annual service or special cleanings. We also do annual pool service check-ups to inspect, clean and replace equipment on your pool to get it ready for the heavy swimming season. In addition, we offer special cleaning services for those who need a one-time thorough cleaning or need their pools cleaned more than once a week.

For over 60 years, Bay Area Pool Service has been cleaning and servicing pools for the people of Florida. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality pool service with affordable prices for our thousands of clients. Let us help you have more time to enjoy your pool this summer by using one of our professional pool maintenance services.

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