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Fuel Surcharge Removed!

Well 2015 already has given us one big surprise and that is the drastic and rapid reduction in fleet fuel prices. Now we’re happy to give our customers something else to smile about.

Years ago, some of our clients may remember we decided to institute a fuel surcharge, rather than bury the increase by raising service fees when pump prices stayed above $2.20 per gallon.

We believed a fuel surcharge was more accountable and transparent, and also gave us greater freedom to turn it off when market conditions allowed – which we’ve been able to two previous times.

For the record books make that three times, because I am happy to announce that the surcharge is off again!

You won’t see a fuel surcharge on your January bill, which will be sent out the first week of February 2015. Economists tell us we can expect gas prices to stay below $2.00 per gallon at least until mid-summer, and as long as that remains the case we will keep the surcharge off until our average goes above $2.20 per gallon - just as we promised before.

Bay Area Pool Service and Pool Troopers family exists for one reason, to provide you with greater Freedom to enjoy your pool and family. Sometimes that includes putting a few extra dollars back in your pocket without compromising our commitment to you in any way, shape or form.

Here's hoping the rest of Corporate America does the right thing and removes fuel surcharges...and maybe even baggage charges on flights. Too much to wish for, I know.

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