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Email Statements

Thousands of our clients got an email statement from Bay Area Pool Service and Pool Troopers last week in addition to the normal paper statement. So I thought I should give everyone an update on what that means.

First, it means we are using our new computer software program. Hurray and congratulations to the hard working team that has been pushing to get this project to completion. It’s a custom program we have been working on for almost two years. The roll out was in January and it has had a few issues as any new software roll out does. Thank you for your patience with us, we appreciate it.

We love the new program and its speed and capabilities. We are committed to working out the kinks because the software makes us a better more responsive company to your needs. This new program is in keeping with our culture to always look for new ways to make life easier for residential pool owners.

Second, email statements mean that very soon we will be doing away with paper statements through the mail. We are targeting the April statements which are usually mailed out in the beginning of May to be email only statements.

Only those clients for whom we do not yet have a valid email address will receive paper statements until we can get an email address that works for them. Our Customer service team is working hard to make sure we have 100% of emails so if you get a call or a voice message asking for your email address please give us a ring back so we can get it logged in properly. If the team calls and you want to remain a paper statement recipient you can let them know at that time.

This initiative will obviously cut down on our paper used and trash created which is a good thing. It will also save us and you a stamp each month if you are paying electronically which we also highly encourage you to do. You will be hearing about the electronic payment subject more in future blogs and in email messages.

I believe going to email statements we help us keep costs down and continue to provide you Freedom to enjoy your pool worry free at an affordable cost. That is in line with our purpose and the first of many improvements you will see coming from our new computer software system.

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