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Bay Area Pool Service Expansion News

On March 1, 2014 Bay Area Pool Service opened operations in Englewood, Venice and Port Charlotte completing its geographic expansion on the West Coast of Florida. “We now can service every residential pool owner from Spring Hill in Hernando County all the way down the coast to Naples,” said Dave Hahmann the company President. To complete the linking up of operations Anthony Basilicato the operating partner in Sarasota expanded his territory to include the new locations. This expansion connects geographically with Justin Peterson Operating partner in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Naples. “It’s important to have continuous business from the Home Offices in Tampa all the way down the coast,” says Peterson, “it makes us feel connected and helps us share resources which allows us to better provide freedom to our clients.”

“I’m proud that I was tapped to handle the expanded territory,” says Basilicato. “Our team is excited to add clients in Venice, Port Charlotte and Englewood to our family. Clients really love the added freedom our service allows them and the peace of mind that ‘we have their backs,’ the pool is off the to-do list! We just opened operations a few days ago and we already have clients on service. It’s great to be in this new market!”

In addition to expanding under the Bay Area Pool Service Brand the company began expansion outside of its traditional market using its new National Brand-Pool Troopers. Operations began in Orlando, Palm Beach and Dallas this spring. “The idea of Pool Troopers began at our home office of Bay Area Pool Service, we are the Pool Troopers, we take care of pools for clients, we treat them and our team like family and we have each other’s backs,” added Hahmann. “All those qualities from our home office went into our National Brand- Pool Troopers! We are very proud to be the birthplace for such a dynamic national brand and excited about our future.”

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